The Village Pubs

In the early part of the twentieth century the only pub was away from the centre of the village. The Tangmere Hotel was in Tangmere Row on the far side of what became the airfield – closer to Oving than the centre of Tangmere. The hotel was demolished during the Second World War as the RAF needed to extend the runway.

For many years there was no pub in Tangmere until The Bader Arms opened in 1982. It never really became the hub of the village which many pubs become for their community but several owners tried to make a success of it until it closed in 2012 and became the Co op. the shop has retained some memorabilia from the pub which in turn commemorated Sir Douglas Bader the famous pilot who carried on flying despite losing both legs in a flying accident.

Bader Arms
The Bader Arms, Tangmere, before conversion to a Co-Op.

Badger Inns Letter

Bader Arms Postcard

Brighton Evening Argus - 10 Oct 1968
Brighton Evening Argus – 10 October 1968

Bader Arms Article 1

Tangmere Hotel
The Tangmere Hotel

Tangmere Hotel Advert